The Ebb and Flow of Audio Production

Much like the neverending tides that rise and fall along the seashore, audio production has a constant ebb and flow. Join me in a reflection about the nature of working with audio every day. We listen closely to more than we’re aware. Our brains are constantly blocking sounds that our ears pick up from reaching … Continued


Discover ModPod and Learn the Business Value of Podcasting

In the early days of podcasting, most shows were purely about news and entertainment. But over the past few years, businesses have realized that you can achieve real business results through the power of podcasts. In response to this trend, Marketing Messages recently announced a new podcasting services division: ModPod. Marketing Messages already has expertise … Continued


Announcing ModPod, A Full-Spectrum Podcast Production Company

At Marketing Messages, we pride ourselves on our expertise with just about every form of audio production that a customer may desire. Throughout our history, we have been on hand to help with any kind of voice recording – from auto attendant and IVR prompts to onhold messages to large-scale voice narration for advertisements, professional … Continued