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Messages on Hold


VoiceCentral: Why The Cloud Enables On Hold Messaging to Shine

Here is a phrase no one wants to ever hear again: “Please continue to hold.  We will be with you shortly.” While being placed on hold is inevitable, your customers have higher expectations than on hold messaging with poor quality music and a looping message with the ambiguous promise that eventually “someone” will eventually pick up the … Continued


Make On Hold Message Updates Faster and Easier With VoiceCentral

I am always skeptical when I hear someone say, “we just need one” on hold messaging recording. The business world moves too quickly. New promotions, new product introductions, and competitive moves happen fast. And the first time your customer hears about something new, or a key update to your products or services, is often during … Continued


Where Was Your Product When You Last Changed Your On-Hold Messages?

At least a few times a month, I get a phone call from a Messages-On-Hold customer who needs to update their on hold messages – many times because they are changing their phone systems, or they’ve opened up a new office. Beyond determining the month and year of the last update, I ask a few … Continued


Voice Marketing: Aligning What Your Customers Hear With Your Brand

Many of the initial discussions we have with new customers center around the challenge of rationalizing the number of recorded voices one of their customers might encounter in the course of various phone and web interactions. Clients know they should employ a more unified voice approach, but don’t have a roadmap for thinking through how … Continued