The Many Ways It Pays to Hire a Professional for Narration

We’ve written in the past about the ins and outs concerning everything from auto attendant prompts to IVR prompts to on hold messages. But professional voice recordings are an incredibly versatile resource that can be applied throughout your organization. For instance, if you are wading into the ever-increasing field of multimedia, then it is very … Continued


Voice Over Narration, Why It Pays to Hire a Professional Talent

Just picture: Your presentation is ready to go. Maybe you’ve prepared PowerPoint slides or even a video of some kind. You’ve got your facts all straight and your bullet points all laid out and you’re not even that concerned with public speaking, lucky you. But when you run through the presentation, or the slideshow, or … Continued


How To Write a Pronouncer For Voiceover Recording

Hard as it may be to believe, when creating a professional voiceover recording it is actually pretty important for words to be pronounced correctly. Crazy, we know! But yes, it is vitally important that the names of individuals, locations, and companies be pronounced correctly for customer-facing and internal recordings. While there are various methods that … Continued