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Top 10 Tips for Multi-Language Video and E-Learning Voice Over Narration

Effective use voice over narration will bring professionalism and consistency to your brand. The use of web-based company/product videos and e-learning applications has greatly increased in recent years, as has the need to localize these assets to a broad range of geographies. This creates significant challenges for marketing and training professionals, who seek to maintain … Continued


Free audio eBook: A Guide to Using Professional Narration.

Should you use professional narration for your next project? Incorporating professional narration into your company’s marketing audio is essential. It’s yet another layer of brand re-enforcement. However, finding the right voice for your project is just as important. If you’re thinking about adding voice to your next project, stream this interactive, audio eBook to learn how … Continued


Voice Marketing: Aligning What Your Customers Hear With Your Brand

Many of the initial discussions we have with new customers center around the challenge of rationalizing the number of recorded voices one of their customers might encounter in the course of various phone and web interactions. Clients know they should employ a more unified voice approach, but don’t have a roadmap for thinking through how … Continued