Industry: Healthcare


Putting Patients at The Center of Your Healthcare On Hold Messages

Healthcare is constantly changing, especially in a post-COVID landscape. And just as the medical field is constantly undergoing changes and new evolutions, at Marketing Messages we have observed that the ways in which on hold messages are employed have also changed. It is no longer enough to keep static music playing while a disembodied voice … Continued


The Pharma Industry Is Global – Bring Real Localization

The pharma industry is a global, massive, high-impact industry. It’s an industry that directly affects some of the most pressing needs of its customers’ lives. More than almost any other industry that we work with here at Marketing Messages, pharmaceutical companies have a vital, pressing need for their recordings to be completely accurate right out … Continued


Pharmaceutical Companies Are Global; Our Remote Voice Talents Are Too!

There’s never been a more urgent time to address the ever-expanding global gap between those who can and cannot get access to affordable healthcare. At the same time, companies serving global markets have long strived to connect with their customers in an empathetic and engaging manner. Pharmaceutical companies sit at the intersection of these two … Continued