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Amplifying Diversity: The Strategic Advantage of African American Voice Talents in On-Hold Messaging and Phone Trees

In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses strive to create a welcoming environment for every caller. One of the most critical, yet often overlooked, aspects of customer interaction is the on-hold messaging and phone tree experience. While these systems are designed to guide callers efficiently, they also offer a unique opportunity to reflect a company’s commitment to … Continued


Dos and Don’ts for a BioPharma Audio Production

One of the major industries that Marketing Messages does a great deal of work with is biopharma. Biopharma is akin to pharmaceuticals, with the difference being that biopharma manufacturing involves living organisms, such as bacteria, yeast, or cells. Biopharma is a massive international industry with a market value in the hundreds of billions and growing … Continued


Tailoring Your Audio’s Tone

As we’ve discussed in the past, all our first-hand experience in the field of professional voice recordings points to a trend away from neutral, machine-like audio and suggests instead that customers respond much more to voice prompts and hold messages with a personal, human touch. Whether that means striving for a more conversational feeling in … Continued