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IVR prompts


Avoiding Voice Over Screw-ups in Your Multi-language Projects

Marketing Messages has provided audio in over 80 languages, for a host of clients across the globe. After all that experience, we have learned that there are several common mistakes that can cause major problems for a customer’s Auto-Attendant or IVR prompts. Read on or watch our video so you can avoid voiceover screw ups. … Continued


8 Characteristics of Effective IVR Prompts

Recording informative, well-directed, and impactful IVR voice prompts is critical to creating a positive caller experience. There’s no doubt that your messaging is going to be unique to your business, your phone system, and your customers’ needs. But even so, there are eight effective IVR characteristics that all IVR scriptwriters should try to meet, regardless … Continued


Voice Recordings and Translations for International Deployment – How It Works

We live in a global market, with potential customers coming from all over the world. With these new opportunities comes new challenges. How can you effectively communicate with the wide variety of languages that modern business demands? At Marketing Messages, we aim to make the process as easy as possible. We offer a wide variety … Continued


What Audio Format Do You Need for Your Phone System?

Need new professional recordings for your phone system, but don’t know exactly what format to ask for? We have a variety of tools available that allow audio file conversion into many phone-system friendly codecs. Why is this even necessary? These systems require formats, volume levels and file extensions which vary greatly, and often our customers … Continued