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Audio Process/Technology


Voice Artist Recording Safety Process During COVID-19

At Marketing Messages, nothing is of greater importance than our contributing Voice Artists knowing that their recording studio safety process and comfort is a top priority as we all adjust to the new demands of this strange time. While most of the Voice Artists we work with record independently in their own home studios, there … Continued


Tracking Down Noise in Your Voiceover Recordings

Is it a squeak? A buzz? A rattle? An echo? A general boingy-ness? Is the sound muffled? Harsh? Staticky? Does the sound come and go? Is it constant? What frequency range is most effected? When I hear some unwanted noise in any voice recording, these are the questions I start to ask. We want to … Continued


For Video Projects, Great Quality Audio Is Just as Important

Are you thinking about adding video to your company’s messaging? We think you might be onto something! 75% of people prefer to watch a product video rather than read about it in text. With video, in a matter of seconds, you can present your product in action, and your customers can see its features and … Continued


What Audio Format Do You Need for Your Phone System?

Need new professional recordings for your phone system, but don’t know exactly what format to ask for? We have a variety of tools available that allow audio file conversion into many phone-system friendly codecs. Why is this even necessary? These systems require formats, volume levels and file extensions which vary greatly, and often our customers … Continued