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Audio Process/Technology


Tracking Down Noise in Your Voiceover Recordings

Is it a squeak? A buzz? A rattle? An echo? A general boingy-ness? Is the sound muffled? Harsh? Staticky? Does the sound come and go? Is it constant? What frequency range is most effected? When I hear some unwanted noise in any voice recording, these are the questions I start to ask. We want to … Continued


For Video Projects, Great Quality Audio Is Just as Important

Are you thinking about adding video to your company’s messaging? We think you might be onto something! 75% of people prefer to watch a product video rather than read about it in text. With video, in a matter of seconds, you can present your product in action, and your customers can see its features and … Continued


What Audio Format Do You Need for Your Phone System?

Need new professional recordings for your phone system, but don’t know exactly what format to ask for? We have a variety of tools available that allow audio file conversion into many phone-system friendly codecs. Why is this even necessary? These systems require formats, volume levels and file extensions which vary greatly, and often our customers … Continued


Professional Voice Prompts – The Marketing Messages Difference

Marketing Messages is a leading provider of Telecom and multi-media applications. With a voice roster of over 180 talents, spanning over 80 languages, we specialize in delivering large, multi-language jobs. How has Marketing Messages garnered its reputation? Strong customer service, rapid turnaround, and accurate scripting and translation are important aspects. Our audio production practices are … Continued