Putting Patients at The Center of Your Healthcare On Hold Messages

Healthcare is constantly changing, especially in a post-COVID landscape. And just as the medical field is constantly undergoing changes and new evolutions, at Marketing Messages we have observed that the ways in which on hold messages are employed have also changed. It is no longer enough to keep static music playing while a disembodied voice … Continued


Coached Voice Recording Session for the Ideal IVR Experience

A professional voice services firm like Marketing Messages can and will go to all reasonable lengths to give its clients the best professional voice recordings possible. But even with trained voice talents and expert audio engineers combining their wealth of first-hand experience, there is still no guarantee that the completed audio is going to sound … Continued


Translating Tips for a Global Market

Business is a global concern. As such, if you are a company with any sort of international component, and you almost certainly are, than it is important to cover a wide range of languages for your voice messages and other professional voice recordings. In the USA alone, you can reasonably expect callers to have English, … Continued