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It’s Contextual: 5 Ways Professional Voice Talent Makes All the Difference

Your business is constantly evolving.  When it comes to marketing your brand, there is no checklist to complete and walk away from.  Just like laundry, marketing is never completely done.  Every customer touchpoint is weighted – either towards, or away from, your business – depending on the connection made at every single interaction.  Let me … Continued


Outage Reporting and Power Restoration: Creating Customer Comfort with Professional Energy Voice Recordings

Outage reporting has become a major part of being an electrical utility in the high-speed world. Temporary black outs and brown outs are an occurrence that cannot be entirely eliminated, given nature’s unpredictability and the imperfect nature of all systems. When your utility has a temporary loss of service, your customers need to know as soon … Continued


Multilingual Healthcare Voice Prompts Improve Care for Limited English-Proficient Patients

The PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) will require healthcare providers to increase the breadth of channels through which they communicate to Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients. Studies have shown the LEP patients have more negative health outcomes, higher re-admission rates, and longer hospital stays than the general population. Therefore, as the individual mandate … Continued

Professional Voice Prompts for Healthcare Call Centers and the Affordable Care Act

Voice telephony applications afford healthcare providers, payers, and their technology partners a low-cost way to supply valuable information to patients, as well as to streamline compliance processes. All without taxing existing internal resources. Historically, the use of voice systems has been functionally limited and unimaginative, focusing primarily on basic caller greetings and call distribution (“for … Continued