COVID Protocols Keep Changing – Update Your MOH

covid protocols keep changingIn the past, we have written about the importance of keeping your customer-facing messages on hold up to date during the Covid-19 pandemic. And, indeed, we saw an incredible surge in 2020 of customers, both in healthcare and in every other field as well, utilizing voice recordings to keep their customers aware of hours, protocols, locations, and safety concerns. The situation has changed drastically since we last discussed this matter, but because Covid protocols keep changing, on hold messages remain a vitally important tool.

COVID Policy Change? Change Your On Hold Message.

The pandemic is in a deeply uncertain stage at the moment. Vaccines are widely available, but many have declined to take them. The Delta variant of the virus is wreaking a great deal of havoc across the country, leading to many a newly re-opened company having to go back into their lockdown strategies. Some companies are retreating back to policies including masks, social distancing, and other precautions, while other establishments are violently opposed to any such methods, while still others are leaving it to the various consumers’ various discretions.

Whatever policy you yourself have adopted, for your business and for your life, one thing is very certain: Customers are concerned, and they are confused, and they are looking for reassurance. This goes double for healthcare organizations, whether you are a medical practice or pharmacy or something else along those lines.

Frequent Updates Ease Concerns

We at Marketing Messages have always encouraged our customers who utilize our Messages-On-Hold services to do regular updates to their voiceover recordings and their hold music. Not only does regular updating allow them to impart new information and change with the seasons, keeping the messaging fresh and current is a subconscious reminder to a client that the business they are contacting is up-and-running, functional, and actively making changes, versus companies that are hard to reach and completely static.

Especially in the current landscape, when so many businesses have shuttered or trimmed their staffs and hours back significantly, having fresh on hold messages reminds your client base that you are still here and still able to help.

But more than that, keeping your Messages-On-Hold fresh and using them to reassure your clientele that not only you are active and available, but that you care – that you are making an effort to be as communicative and helpful as possible during this difficult time.

This goes double for those organizations that utilize voice translation services and go the extra mile to create a recording in Spanish, French, or any of the other major global languages.

As mentioned earlier, Covid protocols keep changing, and there is really no way to know how much they will continue to shift and change as the pandemic ebbs and flows. The best way to use your voice messages to serve your customers is to shift and change as well, always providing them with insight and guidance.

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