Digital Announcers Over Time, And Then There was CUBE.

VOIP graphic

CUBE is among the newest Digital Announcers that we’re excited to tell you about!

These days more and more customers are calling, and hold times are increasing as well.

Want to make sure your professional voice recordings are heard no matter what phone system your clients are using? Have you been searching for a solution to a hard-to-solve problem that adversely affects a growing percentage of your customers each year?

At Marketing Messages we’ve been providing our clientele with excellent IVR Prompts, auto attendant greetings, and Messages-On-Hold productions for more than 30 years and we’ve seen a lot of new technology emerge over that time span. Today I’d like to highlight on-hold messages and the devices that play your custom content while callers are on hold, the digital announcers.

These electronic gizmos have enabled companies the world over to inform, educate and captivate callers who are waiting on hold for a customer service representative to pick up the line.

From mailed or overnighted audio cassettes and CDs, floppy discs with mp3s and WAVs, to email delivery via the Internet, we’ve used many systems to deliver our productions. Traditionally, each new method came with either an increase in fidelity, a reduction in delivery time or both

Then along came VoIP.

For quite a while now, VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, has been replacing copper wire for telephony and it’s been messing with the sound of on-hold productions the whole time. Why? Because VoIP was developed to transmit voice not music. Music has fluidity and is constant. VoIP is sound that has been broken up into small packets of data, transmitted in bursts, and re-compiled on the other end for the listener. While this works for speech, which is full of pauses, it often mangles music.

For over 20 years we’ve sold and supported Premier Technologies digital announcers (DA) because they just worked. Our customers knew that their DA would provide powerful marketing messages to their callers who waited on hold. Few and far between were the calls for tech support on a failed device and we became very comfortable with the knowledge that we sold devices from one of the strongest manufacturers in the field.

Then we received the news…Premier Technologies was closing shop for good.

What to do?

CUBE…Is it a device, a service, a solution, a minor-miracle? Why yes, yes it is. Read on…

Introducing CUBE Digital Announcers! Premier needed a vendor to support the CMS-based 7100 and 7600 customers. CUBE accepted the challenge and then took it to the next level by showing us solutions we’d been dreaming about for years. Variable, programmable, customizable content not just on a digital announcer but also within the VoIP realm.
Want to emulate an on-hold loop for a VoIP install? CUBE can do that. Want to actively engage with customers while they are on hold? CUBE can do that too. Need a traditional DA for your PBX phone system? CUBE offers a device that fits the bill.

Problems solved by CUBE:

Callers hear messages that start from the beginning each time.

CUBE allows you to schedule and arrange content according to your preferences. Callers won’t be badgered by the exact same content every time; instead, they’ll be learning what new offers are available now.

Callers must listen to music they dislike.

CUBE lets the caller select their own music genre Giving callers the choice to listen to music they enjoy demonstrates you value their time and patience.

Callers are idle while on hold.

Callers can participate in surveys while their call is hosted by CUBE. What better way to sample the opinions of your customers than to ask them directly?

Many callers just hang up.

Caller behavior is captured by CUBE for further examination.

We want to know what telecom solutions you’re looking for so that we may determine if CUBE is the “fix” you’ve been needing.