For Video Projects, Great Quality Audio Is Just as Important

Great quality audio is the starting point, even for video. Are you thinking about adding video to your company’s messaging? We think you might be onto something! 75% of people prefer to watch a product video rather than read about it in text.

With video, in a matter of seconds, you can present your product in action, and your customers can see its features and benefits. Your audience comes away with a more complete picture of your offerings, in a shorter amount of time. For most people, video is easier to digest than text. Finally, you can’t upload an article to YouTube, the second largest search engine on the planet! But you can upload videos.

Combining visual and audio elements gives any multi-media presentation more impact, adds more emotion, and holds the attention of your audience. If your company is in the market for the audio component of a professionally-produced video or video series, Marketing Messages can help!

Whether your video projects are…

Company Overviews
Web videos that tell your stories quickly and with impact

Product Demonstrations
A memorable way to explain product features

Medical/Science Procedures
Medical instructional videos, clinical procedure guides, and medical practice overviews

Technical Assistance/Assembly and Repair
Guide customers through technical processes like assembly, maintenance, and repair

HR/Legal/Compliance Policies
Communicate policies and procedures while holding your audience’s attention

E-Learning Videos
Our voice artists can provide a sustained level of audience focus, particularly in self-paced training outside the classroom environment

Multi-Language for Existing Videos
Already have English narration? We’re your single point of support for localizing your videos globally, including translation, recording, and editing.

…our voice talents provide professionally recorded audio narration, adapting their narrative style to achieve your objectives.

Why should you require perfect audio in the recording and editing process?

You already know how important good visuals are. That’s why you’ll make the effort and spend money on achieving the best visuals for your video project. But did you know that the audio portion is just as important as the video? Several studies have shown that no matter how good the video quality if the audio quality is just medium to marginal, viewers are more likely to react negatively to the video content as a whole.

Furthermore, a recent study at the University of Southern California and the Australian National University shows that audio quality affects whether or not listeners believe what they hear and trust the information they’re hearing. A notable quote from the scientists:

“When the video was difficult to hear, viewers thought the talk was worse, the speaker less intelligent and less likeable and the research less important.”

Also, taking previously pristine audio of a geneticist and a physicist, and reducing the quality, had real consequences when it came to audience trust:

“As soon as we reduced the audio quality, all of a sudden, the scientists [geneticist & physicist] and their research lost credibility.”

You need your customers to trust you. So why not put your best foot forward to use great quality audio? Marketing Messages can provide that important audio narration component to your video project. It starts with professional voice recordings from our roster of voice talents. With pinpoint accuracy, we can sync the video narration to your existing video. And for global deployment, we can be your single point of support for international language translation and recording.

Ready to learn more about our video and multi-media voice narration services? Let us help you reinforce your message with the highest quality audio. View (and hear) projects that we’ve completed for other companies.

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