4 Multi-Language Voiceover Minefields and How to Sidestep Them

Voices Carry podcastIn the latest episode of “Voices Carry” podcast, husband and wife hosts Jim Giebutowski and Janet Kraus discuss some of the ins and outs regarding multi-language voice messages.

Being able to communicate authentically with a customer in their native language is a huge part in establishing trust, credibility, and, eventually, sales. It is important that your voice messages can connect with a wide audience and having professional voice recordings is a major part of this, whether you are creating IVR prompts or on hold messages.

However, despite this importance, there are several common mistakes and challenges. In this episode, Jim outlines the four most common challenges encountered by companies trying to create multi-language voice messages.

So, get cozy and enjoy episode two of “Voices Carry”, and let Jim and Janet explain some of the intricacies and details of the audio world. You might just find some handy information for the next time you need to build some new multi-language voice messages.

Challenge of multi-language recordings…minefields…lose trust, lose credibility, lose sales.