5 Reasons Why Offering Professional Voice IVR is Essential

You’ve spent countless hours and resources on a proposal for designing and deploying a new telephony platform for your client.   You’re in a dogfight with multiple competitors for this business, so any advantage, large or small, might be the difference between winning and losing.

You wonder if your proposal is effectively differentiated from that of your competitors.  You have also heard that your client is laser focused on building their brand and improving the customer experience, and you wonder if what you’re proposing addresses these imperatives.

You can set your offering apart by integrating professionally-recorded voice prompts into the overall IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or auto attendant solution you’re proposing to your client.  By employing professional voice IVR actors rather than internal or client resources, your organization can differentiate its bids, support its client’s brand building efforts and its engagement with customers, and win more business.

Here are five reasons why complementing an IVR-related offering with professional voice recordings makes solid business sense for a telephony service or solution provider:

1. Help Convey A Professional Image

Professional voice IVR recordings result in a more polished and brand-affirming caller experience for your client’s customers.  Hearing voice greetings is often the first contact a customer will have with your client, and trained voice talents are adept at making a connection with callers that is consistent and pleasant.   The right voice artist will permeate the messaging script with the right emotion.  They will know where to pause and to change inflection. These skills matter because they cause the listener to become invested in the message. They want to hear how that brand can solve their particular concern or problem.

You can demonstrate the difference by playing your client voice samples from multiple voice talents to ensure that the voice effectively represent the brand and appeals to specific caller profiles.

2. Rise Above Your Competition

Poor voice over quality is noticeable. Competitors that try to cut corners, either by using their own amateur, in-house IVR prompts, or none at all, are at a clear disadvantage. By offering professional voice recordings, you are enabling your clients to address a broader number of topics that concern their customers. IVR prompts allow them to engage their customers in a consultative manner, thus building brand credibility.

3. Address More of Your Client Needs

Many telephony services are becoming commoditized, so more or more telco service companies are attempting to position themselves as full service providers.  They’re doing so by expanding the set of complementary servicers they provide, and using the consultative process required to discover customer needs as a way to gain credibility and client intimacy.  Offering voice recordings is an excellent example,  and is appealing to multiple client stakeholders – including both technical and marketing influencers.

4. Broaden Client Market

Offering professional voice recordings gives you a tool to effectively engage with your clients on an international scale.  If a client is only employing your services in North America in English only,  you can engage them about expanding your system’s footprints in Latin American Spanish and Canadian French.   Or you could do the same in Europe and Asia, or any language supported by your voice over services partner.  You’re not only expanding your presence within the client, you’re helping the client to build their brand globally.

5. Increase Take Rates

The take rate is the percentage of time a customer stays on the phone and completes a transaction, rather than hanging up, or seeking the assistance of an operator. Take rates can increase between 15-25 percent when an organization moves from “home grown” prompts to professional voice recordings.   By helping your client’s stay more engaged with their customers through IVR,  you’re helping them to maximize their resources through more automated business processes.

Marketing Messages offers partnership arrangements that represent revenue opportunities, either through resale of voice prompts or through referral fees.  By bundling professional voice over, as well as other value added services with your core offering, you are able to charge a premium.  Remember, there will always be a need for professional voice IVR recordings, hence a continuing source of revenue.  Schedule a consultation with us today!