Voice Over Video – 5 Points to Consider When Narrating Your Web Videos

Professional voice over video services deliver an increase in conversion and engagement. Digital marketers know the value of using video in online marketing: The statistics are striking. YouTube reports that the mobile consumption of its video increases by 100% every year, while 87% of online marketers use video and 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video online.   

Customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it, by a margin of 4:1.   Employing video also improve your web traffic and search ranking, ultimately resulting in increased leads and sales. With the undeniable value of video to your customers, it behooves you to put your best foot forward by hiring a professional to narrate yours. As you develop your video marketing plan take into consideration professional voice over video services to elevate your brand identity and engage consumers.

Below are 5 things you should consider when developing your video voice over production.

But Susan in accounting has the voice of an angel

Susan is undoubtedly a pleasure to listen to, but a trained voice professional will lend more credibility and authority to your message. Why?

A voice professional is trained to understand how their voice will sound in a recording; they understand how to enunciate so that each word is clearly understood.

Also, voice professionals bring earned confidence to their game, understanding that any hesitancy in pronunciation, or in making a scripted goofy sound, will undermine the integrity of the performance.

Human beings now have a shorter attention span than goldfish

Microsoft conducted a study that revealed that human beings now have a shorter attention span that the goldfish that swim in our aquariums do: 8 seconds. And marketing experts tell us that 55% of website visitors spending less than 15 seconds there.

A trained voice professional knows how to connect to an unseen audience, making it more likely that they will become engaged in your message. How?

By using their voice as an instrument, they convey sincerity and happiness, serenity, joyfulness, excitement and anger as required. By varying the pitch, rhythm, and volume of their voice, they engage the listener, preventing them from daydreaming about snorkeling in Bimini.

You’ve got to show that you are ready for prime time by using professional voice over video services

Remember, for every person that would love to read about a product, four would rather watch a video about it. Your video is an extraordinarily important tool in connecting with your audience, whether it is an internal training video or an online marketing one.

A trained voice professional is able to enhance the content of your video, using their voice to bring its elements together in a cohesive way: Consistency in pacing, style, and smooth synchronization of voice with visual elements matter.

Voice consistency promotes brand consistencyVoice over video

To create a more consistent, branded customer experience,  you should use the same voice talent or talents for your web videos as you do for your on hold messaging and auto attendant or IVR voice prompts.   The idea here is to build familiarity and comfort with your brand across all customer “voice touchpoints.   This practice also projects the ideas of stability and reliability; it creates impression the same “person” will know and address all of the customer’s needs.

A final point

Authenticity is not a buzzword devoid of meaning. Experts continually write about the consumer, and the employee, of 2017, and how much they value authenticity. You may, at this point, be thinking that hiring a trained voice professional works against authenticity, but think about it this way.

You have a brand that you believe in; one that you want to share with customers, and part of this is presenting your training or marketing videos in a way that reflects your brand. A professionally trained voice is an outstanding tool that you can use in your quest to connect with your customer.