Voice Talent Recording and Branding Interview

voice talent recording microphone in studio

In the latest episode of the Voices Carry podcast, Jim and Janet welcome a very special guest to discuss voice talent recording and branding.

Joining the couple is esteemed voice talent Liz, a bilingual specialist who has recorded countless projects for Marketing Messages. In her time with the company, Liz has proven herself to be adept at every kind of voice message imaginable, able to handle everything from a professional greeting to an IVR recording.

In this episode, Liz breaks down the ins and outs of life as a voice talent. She explains to Jim and Janet the importance of using a professional versus trying to build and record a message on your own. As a bilingual talent, Liz also explores the process of recording in French, and how crucial it is to make sure that the voice translation is correct before bringing it to the voicing stage.

As someone with a wealth of experience to pull from, Liz is able to illuminate the tricks of the trade from the perspective of the person voicing the voice over recordings. Part of being a voice talent is knowing that you are the last step in an often very complex and elaborate process, and that you are there to fulfill a customer’s stated needs.

In conversation, Liz explains just what sort of qualities a customer might use as criteria for selecting the voice for their voice messages, as well as outlining the work that a voice talent such as herself puts into delivering on those qualities with total consistency.

There are other intricacies and important details that Liz explains – everything from script prep to her own in-studio process for delivering the best audio possible every time out – but we’ll let you discover these things with your own ears.

So, get nice and cozy, and then join us for another fun chat with Jim and Janet, as Voices Carry takes you inside the voice talent recording and branding process.