Voices Carry Podcast – Inside the World of Voiceover

discuss the world of professional voiceoverVoices Carry offers an insider’s look into the often-misunderstood world of professional voiceover work. Join Jim Giebutowski, CEO of Marketing Messages, for interviews each month that reveal real-world insights and best practices for both technical and marketing professionals who want to create great brand-affirming, caller experiences for their customers in any language. Whether you’re creating on hold messages as a local business owner, or developing multi-language voice messages for a global call center, we tell stories that help navigate you to customer success, and avoid embarrassing brand-crushing mistakes.

In their premiere Voices Carry podcast episode, husband and wife hosts Jim Giebutowski and Janet Kraus interrupt their life of marital bliss to discuss the world of professional voiceover, and why cocktail parties are not the best place to find voice talents.

Jim, the CEO of Marketing Messages, is artfully cross-examined by Janet, a startup CEO and former professor of entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School. They talk about how to employ professional voice talents within phone applications to create brand-enhancing caller experiences, and what they can do that your daughter/son/best friend/nephew…or your Aunt Mary… cannot – no matter how “great” their voice is!

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