5 Spanish Voice Recording Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Congratulations! For years, you’ve been using professional English-speaking voice talents for IVR voice prompts, auto attendant systems, and on hold messages…and now you’re ready to establish credibility with your Spanish-speaking customers with professional voice recordings in their native language. Do it right and you’ll strengthen and nurture these key relationships. Do it wrong and you’ll … Continued


Make On Hold Message Updates Faster and Easier With VoiceCentral

I am always skeptical when I hear someone say, “we just need one” on hold messaging recording. The business world moves too quickly. New promotions, new product introductions, and competitive moves happen fast. And the first time your customer hears about something new, or a key update to your products or services, is often during … Continued


Outage Reporting and Power Restoration: Creating Customer Comfort with Professional Energy Voice Recordings

Outage reporting has become a major part of being an electrical utility in the high-speed world. Temporary black outs and brown outs are an occurrence that cannot be entirely eliminated, given nature’s unpredictability and the imperfect nature of all systems. When your utility has a temporary loss of service, your customers need to know as soon … Continued