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Don’t Tick Off Your Global Colleagues With Bad Voice Recordings

Deploying an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or auto attendant system globally supported by professionally recorded voice prompts in multiple languages can be a cultural nightmare. As project manager, there are multiple opportunities to look like an idiot. To make sure you don’t tick off your global marketing colleagues, solicit the focused involvement of key stakeholders … Continued


Voice Over Video – 5 Points to Consider When Narrating Your Web Videos

Professional voice over video services deliver an increase in conversion and engagement. Digital marketers know the value of using video in online marketing: The statistics are striking. YouTube reports that the mobile consumption of its video increases by 100% every year, while 87% of online marketers use video and 64% of customers are more likely … Continued


5 Spanish Voice Recording Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Congratulations! For years, you’ve been using professional English-speaking voice talents for IVR voice prompts, auto attendant systems, and on hold messages…and now you’re ready to establish credibility with your Spanish-speaking customers with professional voice recordings in their native language. Do it right and you’ll strengthen and nurture these key relationships. Do it wrong and you’ll … Continued