Choose a Bilingual Voice Artist for Your Call Center

bilingual voice call centerYour call center is likely the area of your business that a customer will spend most of their time. If nothing else, the call center provides your callers and partners with their first impression of your company and the brand face that you are presenting to the world. So of course you’ll want to put the best face forward possible. We’ve talked before broadly about the importance of call center voices and using professional voiceover talent to create the best recordings possible, and today we’d like to talk about one specific choice that can go a long way towards making your call center, and the customer experience with your call center, stand out from the pack. Namely, choosing a bilingual voice for your call center.

Do I Need to Use a Professional?

It’s a question we get asked all the time?

“Why can’t I just do my own recording?”

“Do I actually need to hire a professional for my voice prompts or voice narration project?”

In a word: Yes.

To elaborate on that one word: Capturing good audio takes time, patience, and skill, especially if you want your professional voice recordings to sound actually professional, and not just like a static-heavy, hard-to-hear nightmare that anyone could record using their iPhone or desktop. A professional voiceover talent is trained and experienced in delivering exceptional takes over and over again, not to mention modulating their delivery to give the exact right emphasis exactly where it is desired.

Whether you are looking to put together simple menus or complicated IVR prompts, it always, always, always pays to utilize the people who do this work for a living and can deliver excellent sound every single time.

Why Should I Have Multiple Languages for My Call Center?

Even if your company exclusively does business in North America, there are a wide number of languages that you might expect to encounter every day, depending on where your company is located or where a call is coming from. A recording in Spanish, or in French or Portuguese, is an invaluable asset if you have any expectation to be interacting with clientele who have a primary first language besides English.

This is also a great way to use your call center recordings to communicate to anyone who happens to call that you are a company willing to make the extra effort, that you care so much about being accessible and available that you will go the extra mile that others will not.

Benefits of a Bilingual Voice Call Center

A firm like Marketing Messages will offer any number of voiceover talents who can handle whatever languages you need. If you want to have a dedicated, distinctive voice for each language, that can certainly be arranged.

But utilizing a bilingual voice talent creates a greater unity of brand and helps a call center recording feel like a more cohesive whole. It also allows you to mix English and Spanish text within a single prompt without a jarring switch from one voice to the another within the same recording.

None of these on their own are necessarily a transformational element, but when you add them all up, using a bilingual voice for your call center results in a final audio that is cleaner, easier to use, more professional, and more suited to conveying whatever identity you want to present to your callers and customers.

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