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Audio Production Guide Of The Day!

This handy guide to equalizing audio frequencies was found by our self-proclaimed editing “machine” Steve, squirreled away in the files of the desk at which he works. Professionally laminated, even! Vocal frequencies occur primarily between 350Hz and 4000Hz. And although many talents like to use a little EQ to bring out their natural vocal qualities, … Continued

Why Computers Can’t Translate Languages

Some years ago I was working with a German voice talent and in the middle of some fairly standard IVR speech, towards the end of a prompt, she burst out laughing. I asked her what was so funny and she said her script read, “Press the symbol of the bear.” Because our talent didn’t have … Continued

Free White Paper for IVR & AA Developers

We’re inaugrating the Marketing Messages blog with a FREE white paper! For professionals needing pre-recorded prompts for IVR and Auto Attendant applications, check out the link on our home page. In the coming months, our eager troupe of blog writers will post about what we do at Marketing Messages, and how our exemplary customer service … Continued