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The Spoken Word, Scripting For Voice Talents

Often when we receive scripts or voice prompt copy for recording, the text is written beautifully and laid out logically. However, writing for the reading eye is different than scripting for a voice talent who will record the spoken word. One of the key elements in writing for the “spoken” word as opposed to the … Continued


Audio Production Guide Of The Day! Equalization Visualized

Audio Guide – Equalization This handy audio guide to equalization was found by our self-proclaimed editing “machine” Steve, squirreled away in the drawer of his digital audio workstation where he uses Adobe Audition to edit voice prompt speech for IVR and Auto-Attendant applications. Professionally laminated, even! Why have such a visual reference handy? Because it … Continued

Computers Are Bad At Voice Translation

Bears are so smart they probably know that relative to humans, computers are bad at voice translation. Some bears might even translate languages better than most computers. Though they’re pretty shy in the wild, so it’s unlikely you’ll encounter one that translates the specific languages you have in mind for your telecom application, IVR system, … Continued

Free White Paper for IVR & AA Developers

Inaugural Blog Post targeted IVR and AA Developers! We inaugurated the Marketing Messages blog with a FREE white paper for IVR and AA developers! Did you miss out back in 2017 when this started? Well, we wouldn’t want you to miss out altogether just because a few (OK, a lot of) years have passed since … Continued