Voice Talent Spotlight: Monci

career in voiceover recordings MonciYou could say that Monci has been preparing for a career in voiceover recordings for her whole life.

From her earliest days growing up in New Mexico, Monci delighted in everything from recording herself reading book to any opportunity to do a reading during Sunday church services. But even as it was an area she wanted to pursue, life has a way of putting speedbumps in our plans and detours in our path. When Monci was pregnant with her second child, she knew that it was now or never. It was time to roll the dice and take her shot.

In 2018, she enrolled in courses to learn about the industry and what is expected of a professional voiceover talent, and in 2019 she booked her first job. Three years later, and business has only continued to grow.

“I love it all and enjoy aspects of different genres for certain reasons,” Monci says. “Commercials can be super fun! I got to voice a flavor-of-the-month campaign for an Arizona restaurant chain for several months, and that was a blast! Some projects are more fulfilling, like a mental health app for professionals I recently voiced for. E-learning projects are great as well because I often get to learn something new in the process, and I’m a lover of lifelong learning.”

One of the things she has quickly learned about her chosen field is that it pays to be prepared.

She explains, “Before recording, I like to prep my voice with vocal warm-ups, facial massage and sometimes tongue twisters. I also love to pump up my energy flow and get into a great mind set by listening to some loud, fun music and moving my body. Then when it feels right, I’ll fire up the studio, check all my connections and get at it!”

Like all voice talents, Monci has developed a system to protect her career in voiceover recordings and her most valuable instrument: her voice.

“Staying well hydrated and not straining my voice is key, as well as avoiding throat clearing. I use a gentle technique to clear my throat when needed. Warming up before a session is essential, and when I’m feeling a bit scratchy, I’ll drink ‘Throat Coat’ tea. I try not to yell/shout at all, which is really hard because my son is in soccer and I sometimes cheer a little too loudly!”

With a voice that is warm, friendly, and cheerful, Monci is quickly generating a great deal of interest among clients. As she continues to expand her business and live out her dream, she tries to make certain that she keeps her focus on the most important aspect of any business:
“At the end of the day, it’s all about people,” she says. “Whether serving up a voiceover just the way they imagined it, or laughing together in a live session. Happy clients are the icing on the cake! “

If you’d like to hear Monci for yourself, check out her audio samples available on our website. In fact, we have enjoyed taken advantage of her youthful, energetic delivery ourselves. Monci is the voice of the introduction to The Salon Insider Podcast, heard at the very beginning of every episode. Our sister company, ModPod, produces this excellent podcast. And she just might have the sound that you’ve been searching for your voice prompts or onhold messages needs.

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