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communicating company identityRecently, one of our large, financial sector customers contacted us to praise the work we have done for their company over the years. The company undergoes regular surveys of their brand identity, and their voiceover recordings were highly rated and cited as a major strength of their overall brand. It serves as a nice reminder of just how important professional voice recordings are to communicating company identity in the quickest and most convenient way possible.

Passing Praise Around

But we did not come here to brag…

Well, not entirely. But we’ll brag just a little bit. Compliments like the one this customer provided mean a great deal to us here at Marketing Messages, as we really do prize the customer’s satisfaction, above all else. This praise really speaks to the whole organization, from the accurate and timely script, to the proofing and validating process, through to the great audio editing, and the overall administrative efficiency and accuracy. And, most obviously, it speaks to the skill and efforts brought to bear by the wonderful voiceover talent who turn in such exemplary work, day after day.

What Your Recordings Say About You

But we’re not here to brag! No, instead let’s talk about the other major element of this customer’s comment: That in doing surveys of their brand, they discovered that their customer-facing voiceover recordings were a surprisingly large factor, and the excellence of those recordings (fine, we’re bragging a little bit more) had a major influence on their customers.

We’re always trying to impress this point upon our clients and prospective clients, and this customer’s survey results serve as an affirmation to that point.

And you don’t have to take it from us. A recent Forbes article states, “Through a set brand voice and tone, your audience can get to know and understand your brand, as you create a dialogue.”

That article goes on to state: “It is the chance for business leaders to express their brands’ unique persona and seamlessly build up relationships with the audience… Particularly during the introduction stage, customers instinctively recognize the way they are addressed and spoken to, which then significantly impacts their entire view of a brand.”

Communicating Company Identity – What You Want Others to Hear

The question now becomes, how do you determine what voice will go well with the brand you are trying to communicate to your customers?

A 2016 study by the Norman Nielsen Group determined that, “there are indeed measurable effects of tone of voice on users, specifically on users’ impressions of an organization’s friendliness, trustworthiness, and desirability.”

So, what tone are you trying to strike with your onhold messages or other customer-facing recordings? Do you wish to be seen as youthful, friendly, and energetic? Or are you looking to be viewed as authoritative and experienced? Do you wish to excite your callers, or reassure them? Are you looking to educate your audience, or keep them entertained while they wait?

These are all totally valid approaches, and we’ve seen companies across dozens of fields take different attitudes towards what they want their professional voice recordings to do. There’s not necessarily a wrong way to go about communicating a company’s identity as long as you know what identity it is you want to communicate.

Let’s Hear from You

We’ll be happy to help you determine what voice goes best with the message you are trying to send. We have dozens of voice talents to choose from, so feel free to check out our library containing audio samples alongside descriptions of each talent’s immediate qualities.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s start the conversation about how you can use professional voice recordings to truly tell people who you are.

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