A Thank You from Our Team

future voice recordingsThe last few years have been a challenge for everyone, with more ups and downs than anyone could hope to keep track of. As we move into 2023, there are so many exciting new challenges and opportunities to pursue. We at Marketing Messages cannot wait to help our customers plan and execute their future voice recordings, from the shortest IVR prompts to the lengthiest and most detailed onhold messages, to all the odd and eccentric recording needs that might crop up. But before we move into what lies ahead, we wanted to take a moment to look back, and to reflect on the thing that makes the challenges and obstacles so worth it:


All our audio efforts mean nothing if there is no one there to hear them. Working with our clients to produce the best professional voice recordings possible is not just our job, it’s our pleasure. There is nothing more satisfying than working hard at every stage from writing to recording to editing and being told by the customer that the final product sounded even better than they had imagined.

So, from the bottom of our collective heart, the staff at Marketing Messages wish to thank each and every one of our clients for a great year. Now I’m going to turn the mike over to some of the other staff members:

Josh Blood, Creative Director
One of my roles at Marketing Messages is Audio Editor. I deliver finished voice prompts and Messages-On-Hold productions that are loaded to our customers’ phone systems. After digital delivery, it’s always great to receive a thank you from our customers. Even better is a note back saying they’ve reviewed the audio and it all checks out. Taking time to slow down and verify the audio on their end conveys an engaged customer that cares about their part in the process and wants to do their best work.

On the rare occasion that there is an issue with a particular voice prompt or on-hold production, I always appreciate receiving that feedback soon after I deliver the job. That quick feedback tells me our customer anticipated the audio and chose to listen to it straight away. I take the feedback and immediately solve the issue – whether it requires an edit or a “pickup” request to the Marketing Messages Voice Artist.

I thank our customers for their conscientious audits and their quick feedback when it comes to our work. Here’s to 2023, a year filled with pristine audio, a tiny error rate percentage, and fast fixes for future voice recordings that require them.

Dan Nelson, Technical Director
Last year certainly had its ups and downs, but overall I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with so many warm and wonderful customers.

We’ve all had numerous experiences with delays. In our case often a voice talent would be unable to record for a week or more due to illness. Everyone involved became agile and helpful. We’d find an alternative voice as a placeholder, get the job delivered on time and then loop back around later with a fresh recording when our voice talent was back in action.

Each encounter like that last year made me thankful for our clients enduring patience with the process. And we were able to adjust to meet their surprising needs as well.

With each natural disaster there are often utility outages. We record so many messages after these events, often expedited, and this leads me to my next bit of gratitude:

Thank you to all of our wonderful Voice Artists! (I know, first I write “talent,” then later “artist,” but that’s only because they’re all both. Our voices represent a cultivated set of talented artists. You’re a solid group of everyday heroes that make our lives easier through your professionalism, efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness. We couldn’t provide professionally recorded voice prompts, auto-attendant greetings, onhold messages, narration, and e-learning audio without each and every one of you. I’ve worked with some of you for 25 years now and dang it, y’all feel like family.

Goodbye 2022, hello 2023! Let’s see what we can do together this year.

Onwards and Upwards
None of us know precisely what 2023 will hold in store, but Marketing Messages is excited to face each fresh obstacle and opportunity alongside our clients, no matter what future voice recordings they will need.

Whether you’re a brand new client or an old friend who knows and trusts Marketing Messages implicitly, we’re so grateful to be of service for all your audio needs, last year, this year, and all the years to come.

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