Dan’s “Weird” Holiday Tradition Part Deux – Halloween Decorations

Why am I fixated on a weird Halloween holiday tradition this week? Well…

Back in 2020, I found out in a Team meeting that my household celebrates a weird holiday tradition. We wrap the artwork for Christmas.

Well, guess what else we do? We make jack-o-lantern string lights for Halloween! It’s our “weird” Halloween holiday tradition.


Halloween holiday tradition

Spooky origami?

Maybe this tradition is less weird and more of a simple creative hack. All I know is that for over 23 years we’ve been using Halloween jack-o-lantern string lights for interior decoration!


How Dan, how do you make these strings?

Origami. It starts with a 6-inch by 6-inch piece of orange origami paper.

Halloween holiday tradition 6x6 square

Then you fold it in half.

Halloween holiday tradition orange folded paper

There are a lot of folds that follow, as you can see in this image.

Halloween holiday tradition many folded orange origami balls

Now you’ll find you have a pile of blank ‘pumpkins’.

orange origami ball, inflated

These are best ‘carved’ with a Sharpie, in this case, Fine Point. Easier to do while flat.

orange origami ball, flat, with custom art

Then inflate.

orange origami ball, inflated with custom art

And finally, hang on a string of white lights, preferably with green wire to emulate the vines.

Halloween holiday tradition orange origami ball, lit from within by string light

The light acts as a candle and when you have a long string, the look of the rooms is instantly transformed, and the holiday feels extra special.

Halloween holiday tradition orange origami ball string lights (jack-o-lanterns)

You might wonder how long it takes to make this set. You’d be surprised that the time isn’t really relevant as it’s meant to be a family/friend activity. Get a stack of Orange origami paper and a Sharpie. Host a small get-together and make some Halloween holiday jack-0-lantern string lights for yourself and your friends too!

Do you have a weird holiday tradition that is just a little off-kilter? Anything that is special to you that maybe others would like to know? Please share with us on Facebook, and Happy Halloween from me and the team at Marketing Messages!

A parting shot, the selfie! That’s me and the missus, as drawn by her back in the day.

Halloween holiday tradition orange origami ball, feat. Dan and Miranda