Thinking About Rebranding in the New Year?

major role in rebranding effortsThe new year is a time when people take chances and make changes, whether it’s tackling a challenge they’ve been putting off, committing to a new diet and/or exercise routine, or trying out a new hobby. It’s much the same with businesses. A new year is a chance to look back at what’s been done before, look towards the obstacles and opportunities that might lie ahead, and take stock of what you might do differently. It might be time to change-up your brand, and the public face that your company shows to the world. Whether you want to just make some adjustments or do a total overhaul, professional voice recordings can play a major role in rebranding efforts.

Why Change?

Look, if your company continues to do outstanding numbers and get positive reactions from the majority of your ever-expanding client base, then enjoy your success and keep on trucking.

But I think most companies, in any field, can look back on any given year and identify things they wish they’d done better, areas they wish to improve on, and opportunities they wish they had been able to seize. For companies seeking to continuously improve, change is an important element of growth.

The most obvious benefit to refreshing your brand with new material (whether that be on your website, your social media, or your onhold messages and other voice prompts) is tacitly proving to your customers that you still exist and are still active. Post-pandemic, numerous companies folded entirely or reduced their hours and capabilities.

I know that when I am looking up a client or partner, the first and most telling tip-off that they have gone out of business is if their customer-facing material is old and static. If a website looks like it hasn’t been updated in years, or if their recordings are of terrible quality or totally out-of-date (i.e., a message-on-hold detailing a company’s Christmas hours…still active in July), it communicates that either no one is around to make any changes…or no one actually cares.

What Major Role in Rebranding Efforts Should You Make?

To be clear, ‘rebranding’ doesn’t have to mean some huge expensive campaign during which you change everything about your business or how you operate. When it comes to voiceover recordings, ‘rebranding’ can simply mean choosing a new voiceover talent.

Have you previously used a male talent? Try a female one. Usually use a female talent? Try a male one.

Have you previously preferred a voice that sounds older and more authoritative? Maybe go with one that’s younger, with an emphasis on energy and enthusiasm.

The new year might be a great time to experiment with conversational scripting and create a more informal and personalized caller experience.

Beyond any one specific change, being creative and forward-thinking with changing up your branding reminds customers and partners alike that you are active, you are proactive, and you are not satisfied with staying put and getting stagnant.

Let Us Help

If you are looking to make some changes in the new year, voice prompts and onhold messages can play a major role in rebranding efforts. Conversational scripting is becoming more and more popular, so by all means get in touch with us today for a free guide in writing a more informal script.

With whatever audio effort you’re attempting, Marketing Messages is here to help this year, next year, or whenever you need.

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