Resource Type: Scripting Tools and Aids


Creating Your Messages On Hold

This resource outlines the step-by-step process for providing information that we will use to create your Messages-On-Hold™ script. It lists the suggested sources of information you can use to provide us this content – including website, promotional materials, customer persona information. Our script writers will then turnaround a draft script within 2 days for your … Continued


Voice Prompt Template (VPT)

This is a spreadsheet that we ask our prospects and customers use to provide us with the first (or sometimes final) draft of their voice prompts. It includes instructions for categorizing and naming prompts to ensure clarity, accuracy, and consistency in the recording and editing process. It is the common “sheet of music” that you, … Continued


Auto Attendant Guidelines and Examples

This resource includes sample prompts, both generic and industry-specific, that call flow designers can use to model their own prompts, as well as tips and best practices for auto attendant design. Traditionally, auto attendant prompts have been used to greet customers and greet calls, but the more progressive companies use these prompts to: Improve processes … Continued