Less English Proficiency in All Workplaces Creates Ongoing Need for Professional Spanish Voice Recordings

Spanish professional voice recordings

Need for Spanish Professional Voice Recordings

Let’s start off with a clear cut example of the need for Spanish professional voice recordings in Healthcare. In an article published in 2018 by the Chicago Sun-Times, reporters found that 6 in 10 Hispanic adults had a difficult time communicating with a healthcare provider “because of a language or cultural barrier, and when they do, they often turn to outside sources for help.” The survey used as a source by the article stated that “half of those who face those barriers turned to a family member or to another healthcare provider for assistance. In addition, more than 1 in 4 looked to a translator, public resources in their community or online sources for help…”

Wow. That is so much effort and energy being expended just to communicate. These sorts of hurdles and headaches would be annoying under the absolute best circumstances, and are reason enough for any company that expects to do business within Latin American communities to prioritize a multi-lingual staff and to load up with Spanish professional voice recordings.

But it is unfortunately true that folks calling to healthcare providers are generally not experiencing the best of circumstances. Whether they are calling because of appointments, prescriptions, or because of some kind of urgent need, this is, at best, incredibly stressful and fraught. And at worst, we are talking about life or death situations with no time to waste. So, we are forced to ask ourselves, how can we best close these communication gaps?

Utilizing Professional Voice Recordings

The simplest way to address a Spanish-speaking clientele is to have Spanish-speaking employees who can answer the phone. But this ‘simple’ approach gets complicated quickly. The phone can ring all day, every day, often with countless people calling at once. Dedicating an entire portion of your workforce just to answering calls is unfeasible and impractical.

That’s why many organizations use auto attendant prompts and IVR prompts to greet and guide callers. If properly set up, these systems can be the best resource possible to making these calls as efficient, quick, and successful as is humanly possible. Callers won’t be trapped on hold, and employees won’t have to spend all their time answering phones.

The benefit this offers to a healthcare provider is, frankly, incalculable. This is especially true for users that do not speak English as a native language.

Planning for a Multilingual Audience

There is no better way to show the community you serve that you care about them than to make the extra effort when it comes to communication. You can make your clients work harder to get in touch with you, or you can work harder to make this process easier for them.

As we discussed earlier in this article, no one is calling in to a hospital, medical practice, or pharmacist because everything is going perfectly. There’s a very good chance that some, or even most, of the people calling in on a given day are making that call during the worst day of their life. Time is of the essence, clarity is an absolute necessity, and every step towards getting help should be as easy as possible.

Making the effort to have professional Spanish voice recordings, tailoring voice prompts and IVR recordings for callers who speak English as a second language, it may seem like the barest drop in the bucket. But those small bits of extra effort can add up to be lifechanging. It’s one less stress factor someone will have to contend with during a period of their lives defined by stress. It’s one less aggravation, too many of which might dissuade someone from getting the help they need.

Let Us Help

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