Voice Over Narration, Why It Pays to Hire a Professional Talent

voice over narration professional talentJust picture: Your presentation is ready to go. Maybe you’ve prepared PowerPoint slides or even a video of some kind. You’ve got your facts all straight and your bullet points all laid out and you’re not even that concerned with public speaking, lucky you. But when you run through the presentation, or the slideshow, or the video, for some reason it’s still not the best it could possibly be. There is something almost indefinably ‘off’ that you can’t seem to fix. We’ve seen this kind of thing a number of times, and the answer is often to bring in a voice over narration professional talent.

We’ve spoken in the past (links) about the use of voiceover talents for everything from auto attendant prompts to on hold messages, and we’ve described some of the industry-specific ways to utilize these productions. But voice narration is a different animal, necessitating a longer and potentially more complex form of performance.

Professional Narration Voice Over Talents

So why bring in professional narrator voices when you could, theoretically, provide your own narration for the project/presentation/video in question?

For one thing, there is the matter of quality control. A professional voice talent brings years of experience to the table, armed with a voice that through practice has been shaped to be as pleasant to listen to and as easily understood as possible.

Flexibility and Consistency

And the voice talent will bring a flexibility to the performance that will be lacking otherwise. Do you want the voice recordings for your video to be convivial and energetic? Or would you rather they be delivered with the utmost stentorian gravity? Maybe you want your words to be delivered in a way that is as conversational as possible, or maybe you want the text declaimed in the most methodical, straightforward manner imaginable.

Whatever tone and tempo fit the message you are conveying, a professional voice talent knows how to hit those marks and how to adjust their performance to suit whatever is requested. And once they have hit the correct mark, they can then maintain that performance consistently across any other deployment you might have. In this way, your voice narration will bear not only consistent sound, but consistent quality. You will be known as the presenter who goes the extra mile, who takes that extra incentive to ensure a high-end final product.

If we expand our scope to international attention, the benefits to using professional a professional voice talent and professional voice translation become even more apparent. If you know there will be audience members who speak English only as a second language, taking the time to translate and record a version in their native tongue allows for the broadest possible reach for your work. And it is always, always a good idea to make others, whether they be coworkers or clients, know that you have taken their needs into consideration and made the effort to be as accommodating as possible. When working with foreign languages, it is vital to use credited professionals to provide the highest quality, most trustworthy translations and performances possible.

So when you are preparing your slideshow or video, while you are assembling your presentation and considering all the ways you could be making it even stronger, it is worth investigating if a voice over narration professional talent would be the right move. There are countless voices out there, and one of them might just be the perfect choice to bring your words to the rich life that they deserve.

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