Voice Talent Spotlight – Judie

voice talents who project friendliness JudieAt Marketing Messages, more and more, we are seeing customers ask for voice talents who project friendliness, who bring energy and enthusiasm, who are able to strike a tone that makes it feel like the pre-recorded messages are actually part of an ongoing conversation. The days of companies seeking sterile, remote voices for their office environment are long gone. And you will not find a voice more warm and inviting than our friend Judie.

Judie is a recent addition to our roster, but she’s been putting her abilities to work for quite a while already. Not only is she a news anchor at GBH Radio in Boston, but she’s also been a professional voice artist for over ten years. She broke into the field with work in the telephony industry, then continued onward into E-learning, long-form modules, and a whole variety of other genres.

When you get as much use out of your voice as Judie does, it quite literally pays to take special care of it.

“I start hydrating first thing in the morning, and I warm up with musical scales before getting into my booth,” she says. She credits friends in the voiceover industry who also have music experience with the advice. “My morning walk in the woods leaves me feeling great, and I want to bring that to my performance. Sometimes I’ll choose a tongue twister and play with the inflection. Lately I’ve been going to a classic from Mary Poppins, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. It’s fun and there’s a brightness to it.”

That brightness is palpable in Judie’s performance. She once heard a radio fan compare her voice to silk, while a colleague once told Judie she heard bells in her voice after they collaborated on some audiobooks together.

You’ll Find Judie Outdoors

When she’s not busying herself in the vocal booth, you can often find Judie…well, actually, you have to put in some work to find her. A lifelong lover of the outdoors and a native New Englander, Judie loves being around the ocean, lakes, and mountains that decorate the landscape. Summers find her hiking every chance she gets, and spending hours in natural bodies of water.

As much as she enjoys nature, there’s nothing she’d rather be doing than hopping on the microphone for another round of recording. Voiceover isn’t just a job for Judie. No, it’s a passion and a mission.

“Communication is my calling,” she says. “I enjoy empowering people in ways that could be life-changing and helps them succeed in a personal or professional endeavor.”

Especially when it comes to E-learning and other educational assignments, there is no telling how great an impact Judie’s efforts might have on the listener.

“One of my favorite E-learning jobs was a module on overcoming gender stereotypes in a particular culture so girls could learn how to read,” she says. “I still think about an audio book I narrated that was full of practical tips for people to live a full life after losing their eyesight. Voiceover is about connection, and I get to be the person connecting with the caller on behalf of the client. Marketing Messages gives me a great opportunity as a VO artist, because the writing is so good and brand specific.”

Voice Talents Who Project Friendliness

It is no longer enough for an on-hold message to just be a voice. What customers want, what they respond to, is hearing from, and feeling they are heard by, a real person. Judie is one of our voice talents who project friendliness. She may be a new voice, but she has already proven herself to be an invaluable one.

You can hear Judie’s audio samples, along with samples from all our various available voice talents, on our website.

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