Add a Boom Arm for Your Microphone to Mitigate Desk Thuds and Taps

boom arm for your microphoneDo you have a home recording setup with a microphone mounted on a stand sitting on your desk? Bet it sounds good! But do you ever bump the stand and hear a loud thud in your headphones? Do you find that your nice microphone picks up every tap of your hands (or elbows) on the desk? If you find that every little desk bump is amplified by your sweet mic, you already know those sounds will also be heard on your recordings, not just in your headphones. Want to fix this problem? Watch our video to learn how a boom arm for your microphone can keep the sound of desk thuds and taps to a minimum.

Boom Arm for Your Microphone Is Ergonomic Too

A boom arm for your microphone not only helps with unwanted noise but also helps with your desk ergonomics. While using your mic, the boom extends toward you and keeps your mic “afloat”, leaving you with desk space for your hands to move about. When not using your mic, you can push it out of the way and the boom arm will collapse into a smaller footprint, out of the way. Watch our video to see a demonstration of how a boom arm for your microphone works.

Bonus Tip: Add a Shock Mount to Your Recording Setup

Although not covered in this video, a shock mount adds a further layer of protection against bumps and thuds and the chance of your microphone amplifying those mistakes caused by your clumsy hands or other objects.

The video was created by our production team of Dan Nelson and Josh Blood, who pull double duty at our sister company, ModPod. If you know of a business that would like to better connect to their customers via a podcast, check out ModPod’s podcasting for businesses offerings. ModPod helps companies produce branded podcasts for business.

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