Studio Prep for Podcasting: How To Prepare for Podcast Recording

Show Me Your Setup logoStudio Prep for Podcast recording is one service offered by ModPod, a division of Marketing Messages.

Did you ever want to start a podcast or be a guest on someone else’s podcast? Are you not sure what you need, or how to record? To help you figure it all out, Josh and I have started a podcast series entitled Show Me Your Setup. We’re self-admitted audio geeks who like to discuss what equipment we use, how we set it up for an efficient workflow, notions about sound treatments, desk locations, and more. All of these elements are covered in this video about the best ways to perform studio prep for podcast recording.

At ModPod, we help businesses start their own branded podcasts. Our team is happiest when our clients sound their best, so one of the services we offer is Studio Prep. We believe that when business podcasts sound good, they’re far more likely to develop a following than podcasts that sound terrible.

We’ll help you turn a room in your home or office into a recording space where you can record your first podcast episode. If you watch our video, you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose and prepare the space for recording
  • Select and set up equipment
  • Choose and set up software

Using all of our suggestions, you’re sure to achieve great quality podcast recordings!

If you’d like to see if we can help you with your branded podcast for business, visit our website at We have lots of other videos that go into more detail about microphones and mic placement, input levels, pop filters, boom arms, shock mounts, and even lighting for video podcasts.

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