Pharmaceutical Companies Are Global; Our Remote Voice Talents Are Too!

global remote voice talents healthcareThere’s never been a more urgent time to address the ever-expanding global gap between those who can and cannot get access to affordable healthcare. At the same time, companies serving global markets have long strived to connect with their customers in an empathetic and engaging manner. Pharmaceutical companies sit at the intersection of these two needs as a large, high-impact global industry that addresses some of the most pressing needs of their customers’ lives. With that in mind, it is vital that pharmaceutical companies utilize global remote voice talents for internal and customer-facing voice prompts, call center recordings, and other audio needs.

That’s why Marketing Messages works with remote voice over talents who are also scattered across the globe. From China to Eastern Europe to just about any place you could imagine, we make it a point of pride to recruit knowledgeable and experienced voice talents who can handle the often-complex requirements of our customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Accuracy From Remote Voice Talents

One of the most important requirements is being word-perfect in the reading of the prompts. While some customers in other industries may come to us with scripts in rough shape that require polishing and editing, the disclosures and privacy statements that pharmaceutical companies need captured as professional voice recordings have been exactingly crafted and exhaustively parsed. It is vital that these messages be recorded with the utmost accuracy and clarity.

For the same reason, it is also vital for the voice over talent to perform the name of the company and its product names correctly. This is easier said than done, given the complexity and specificity of the names of many pharmaceutical companies and their various drugs and other offerings. Many times, a name might even be made up of letters completely foreign to a respective voice talent’s native language.

At Marketing Messages, we have developed strategies and processes to guarantee consistent performance from the global remote voice talents.

Local Voices, Universal Appeal

Coordinating many voice talents across the globe requires intricate planning and a sound and repeatable process, which is why so many biopharmaceutical companies outsource this work to us. But even with all our experience and all our carefully maintained production systems, there are always obstacles and headaches when dealing with international projects.

Beyond solving these linguistic and logistical challenges, the biggest advantage is simply the level of humanity that can be brought to these recordings by a native speaker with professional abilities. More and more we are finding our customers (and their customers) prioritizing personality and empathy in their professional voice recordings.

Call Center Engagement

Call center greetings should not be robotic recitations. Instead, the customer interacting with the voice prompts should feel as if they are in contact with an actual person on the other end of the phone. Call center voices should be as personable as they are professional, helping to create an experience that is warm, inviting, that helps a customer feel as if their needs are being addressed and the company they are dealing with has their best interests at heart.

The voice talents can prove helpful in this even beyond simply voicing the script. As residents of the very countries where these recordings will be deployed, the voice talents can identify mistakes and oversights in a call center script. A translation that may be word-for-word ‘correct’ may miss intricacies specific to regions and dialects that throw the entire meaning off.

On many occasions we have had global voice talents inform us that while a provided translation is ‘correct’, it does not align with how people in their country actually speak or like to be addressed. Taking these considerations into account almost always results in a better final audio product.

Remote Voice Over Talent for Global Reach

It is vital that companies with a global audience utilize global resources to create the best audio experience possible. With our network of global remote voice talents, we are able to craft messages that for audiences of not just hundreds, or even thousands of listeners, but for actual millions of callers who rely on these recordings for everything from business to their active health concerns.

With that sort of need, it is our responsibility to make such an effort, and we encourage our global customers, especially pharmaceutical companies, to give serious thought to making that same commitment.

To start off, why not check out our library of available voice talents. And let us know if you’d like to know more about creating recordings suited for today’s global market.

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