How to Use Our Audio Pronouncer Phone Extension

woman recording audio pronouncer phoneOur audio pronouncer phone line is the most reliable solution for making sure voiceover recordings are free from mispronunciations. Continue reading to find out exactly how to use this resource so that your brand and products are pronounced correctly the first time.

We produce professional voice recordings, including call center recordings, on hold messages, auto attendant prompts, and IVR prompts for businesses and organizations. From our Sales offices to our Production department, we all want to be on the same page about new scripts for voiceover recordings. If there’s any chance that a brand name, production name, employee name, etc., may be mispronounced by one of our voice over talents, we want to negate that chance early in the process.

Yes, our clients can always include written pronunciations within their scripts, and there are a number of ways to do this. But the best and most reliable way to remove the chance of mispronunciation is to include an audio clip of an expert actually saying the words in question. An audio pronouncer can be recorded by someone in-the-know at a business or organization. For example, if there’s a chance a doctor’s name could be misinterpreted, an audio file recorded by the doctor herself (or by someone that works with the doctor) removes that chance of mispronunciation. A unique product name can be spoken by a team lead in the Marketing department.

But how should our clients record an audio file and deliver it to our team?

Actually, they don’t have to! A simple call to our audio pronouncer phone line takes most of the work out of our client’s hands.

When a client wants to deliver an audio pronouncer, they can simply call us at 617-527-3023 x130 and speak the words in question into the phone. Their audio will automatically reach our Production team, which will, in turn, reach our Sales team and any Voice Artist(s) selected to perform the voicemail greeting.

Here are the details:

When you call our audio pronouncer phone, you’re greeted with a recording, “You have reached the Marketing Messages pronunciation line. We send these recordings to our voice talents, so please speak slowly and clearly. And please say each word twice, with a short pause in between. Thank you. You may begin after the beep.”

file editor window audio pronouncer phone

Don’t worry if you fumble while you record the words in question. Our audio editors will edit out everything but your pronunciations for your brands, products, and names. Our Voice Artists will receive your pronunciations, right out of your mouth. They will have the definitive, “primary source” audio pronouncers to use as templates for their recordings. And they won’t have to interpret a written pronouncer. They’ll hear just how each word is pronounced directly from the source.

Want more clarification on scripting or audio pronouncers for voice over recordings? Hold the phone and contact our Sales team. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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