Voice Recordings and Translations for International Deployment – How It Works

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We live in a global market, with potential customers coming from all over the world. With these new opportunities come new challenges. How can you effectively communicate with the wide variety of languages that modern business demands? By using professional voice recordings and translations for your international deployments.

At Marketing Messages, we aim to make the process as easy as possible. We offer a wide variety of voice talents covering dozens of languages, collectively able to handle virtually any assignment that you might need.

Let’s say a company, we’ll call them Gryzzlbox, comes to us because they are in desperate need of new IVR prompts or other voice recordings in US English, Latin American Spanish, Canadian French, and Mandarin Chinese. These recordings could be for anything, from credit card systems to web videos to anything in between. Unfortunately, while our friends at Gryzzlbox know they need these additional languages recorded, they only have the English text. So what do they do? Should they toss the English lines into Google Translate and go from there?

While Google Translate certainly can be a useful tool, it provides only word-for-word translation, without any thought or attention paid to the actual order or phrasing that make a sentence make sense. Specific phrasing is lost and confused, with the result being that the very listeners you are hoping to communicate with instead end up confused, lost, and frustrated.

At Marketing Messages, we would encourage a company like Gryzzlbox to instead allow us to have our global team of translators handle the translations. That way, their international customers will actually know precisely what is meant when they call in and try to negotiate their way through the phone system.

And before anything is recorded, the team at Marketing Messages will go through Gryzzlbox’s voice scripts with a fine-tooth comb and look for any mistakes or confusing phrasing. The team will also verify the pronunciation of any company, product, or personal name that might need clarification. This way, there are no surprises when the audio is delivered.

But now Gryzzlbox has a new worry. They have a tight deadline they are trying to hit. Won’t the need for translation add extra days to what is already a time-consuming process of recording and editing these audio files?

Not a problem! At Marketing Messages, we only require two business days, at most, to complete a translation. If a company wishes to review the translation before anything is recorded, we are more than happy to provide the new script for approval. Once the translations are completed and approved, we require only our standard production time to record, edit and ship the audio.

Gryzzlbox’s next task will be to identify who they want to voice their newly-translated script. Marketing Messages provides a number of voice talents for almost all of the languages we cover, meaning a customer will have plenty of options to decide on the best sound for their company.

After Gryzzlbox makes its decision, the audio is recorded and sent to our Production team to be edited and formatted. Marketing Messages can provide the audio in any number of formats, so Gryzzlbox just has to let us know which one works for their phone system and we can provide the audio files either via email or directly to a digital announcer.

No muss, and no fuss, the Marketing Messages way.

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