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Voices Carry podcast Concentrix Leslie Walker
Leslie Walker (left)
On the latest episode of the Voices Carry podcast, Jim and Jan are joined by Leslie Walker, Associate Director of Human Factors at Concentrix. Walker sits down with the hosts for a free-flowing discussion of the ins and outs of VUI design and how the technology is continuing to change the interactive customer experience. This includes how to maximize the efficacy of Interactive IVR prompts so that they will provide the best experience possible for a customer.

As Walker explains, there is actually a great deal of art involved in creating truly effective professional voice recordings. When is it better to use a two-syllable word rather than a three-syllable word in a voice prompt? Why does a script that looks good on paper come off as awkward and unnatural once read aloud? How do you express complex processes in the simplest way possible? Especially since, as Walker describes to the hosts, there is a new push in the last few years for voice recordings to be not only informative and interactive, but conversational and personable.

This sort of personal experience is the kind of thing that cannot be replicated via text-to-speech technologies. The experience is lost if the voice recordings are produced in-house rather than utilizing professional talents who can bring a layer of performance, not just recitation, to the reading of the needed materials. Here at Marketing Messages, we use our expansive roster of professional voice talents to create the exact right tone and persona to match a client’s brand identity and the specific project in question.

Keeping Up With the Times

Another topic under discussion in this episode is the way that new conversational technologies have become commercially viable in the last few years. These technologies are helping to usher in a new era of call center recordings. As is discussed in greater depth in the episode, with this new technology comes with great advantages for the end user, and new headaches for the people trying to implement it.

Other recent developments include the increased need for designers to remain involved with a system even after it has been deployed by the customer. Businesses grow and change at such an astonishing rate, that even the most carefully honed professional voice recordings can quickly drift from usability.

And then there are rising alternate technologies like SMS messaging and text-to-speech, all of which come with their advantages and disadvantages for both designer and end client.

Voices Carry Podcast with Concentrix on What the Future Holds

But the main theme that Jim, Janet, and their guest explore in this episode is just how exciting all these new technologies and opportunities are for people in their field. The number of possibilities available for both customers and creators continue to open up as technology improves. And increasingly, there is a new generation of talented designers and engineers who will work with this technology to continually refine and enrich customer interactions and IVR prompts – a generation who grew up with technology as a secondhand language and now push it into even bolder directions. But all these technologies and approaches stem from the same master pursuit: to continuously improve the interactive caller experience.
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All this and more in the episode of the Voices Carry Podcast with Concentrix, available for listening here!

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