The Many Ways It Pays to Hire a Professional for Narration

hire professional narrationWe’ve written in the past about the ins and outs concerning everything from auto attendant prompts to IVR prompts to on hold messages. But professional voice recordings are an incredibly versatile resource that can be applied throughout your organization. For instance, if you are wading into the ever-increasing field of multimedia, then it is very good idea to hire professional narration for your audio needs.

Why Would I Need Narration?

Videos are becoming more and more popular as a means for companies to explain their histories, their cultures, their products, their services, and the personalities of their employees. Videos can be shared more easily than wordy articles, and can provide all the needed information in a compact format rather than forcing a customer or partner to scroll through pages and pages of text.

Even if you do not wish to go through all the fuss of shooting and cutting an entire video, the marriage of sound and pictures in a presentation works much better to stick in a viewer’s memory than static text and pictures. It enables the information to be better retained and remembered, servicing both audio and visual learners.

We have customers who create videos that take the form of two narrator voices, a male and one female, having a scripted dialogue exchange during which they convey all the information the customer needs to convey to their own clientele. The format allows for not only important information to be dispersed easily and effectively, but also humor and personality, the kind of things that make one company stand out from any other in the same field.

Okay, But Why Would I Need *Professional* Voice Narration?

So, accepting that videos and presentations that combine audio with images are effective, useful, and an increasing part of how companies express their identities and convey important info, we come then to the age old question: Why shouldn’t I, a pragmatic and careful business owner or employee, just record my own narration? Won’t that save time, money, and effort?

Well, not really.

Capturing good audio takes time, patience, and skill, especially with longer scripts that also require some degree of emotional performance. Meanwhile, professional narrator voices are trained and experienced in delivering exceptional takes over and over again, not to mention modulating their delivery to give the exact right emphasis exactly where it is desired.

Whether you want your narration to be delivered with a firm, moderate tempo, or if you are looking for more zest and energy to liven things up, these kinds of options are more readily accessed when you utilize professionals.

Global Audience

Making the commitment to hire professional narration services also benefits you when it comes to crafting material for a global audience. Whether you are hoping to entice US residents who speak Spanish or French as a native language, or hope to bring in business from around the globe, no one should underestimate the importance of having at least a few multi-language options for whatever face they present to a customer, up to and including any multimedia materials.

In order for those multi-language options to be as trustworthy and useful as possible, it is important to work with reliable partners with proven track records of accuracy. Bringing in professional translators to do your voice translation and utilizing voice talent who are fluent in the languages in question is a great way to ensure that no matter who finds your company’s materials, they will find a customer experience that is as accessible as it is professional.

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